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Perth 1894-1897

This unit was raised on the 9th May 1894 as the Perth Mounted Rifles under the command of Captain Haynes. In 1894 the unit had 1 Captain (Haynes), 2 2nd Lieutenants (Chipper & Holmes) and 41 enlisted. By 1895 it was in the 30s. However, it seems that after Cpt Haynes left at the end of 1895, the unit declined dramatically and was disbanded by 1897. 3 years later, though there would again be a mounted infantry unit in Perth.


Captain Edward J A Haynes (15/5/94-15/12/95)

Previous service in NSW with the rank of Captain. Later served in the Medical Department from 1899-1903.

Lieutenant Stephen J Chipper (20/6/94-30/6/97)

Previously served as an enlisted in the Metropolitan Rifles from 1881-1894. Served as a 2nd Lieutenant from 1894-1895 and as a Lieutenant from 1895-1897. Retired between 1897-1899 after the unit disbanded. Joined the 3rd WAMI as the Company Sergeant Major for service in the 2nd Boer war, he was soon promoted to Lieutenant and Quartermaster. In 1903 he joined the 18th Light Horse Regiment as a Lieutenant until 1904 when he retired. He received 1 Long Service Medal and 1 Long Service Medal.

Lieutenant William J Holmes (20/6/94-30/6/97)

Served as a 2nd Lieutenant from 1894-1895, served as a Lieutenant from 1895-1897.