Pinjarra Mounted Infantry

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Pinjara 1861-1882

Theodore Fawcett
Theodore Fawcett

This unit was raised in late 1861 as the Pinjarrah Mounted Volunteers under the command of Captain Fawcett who would lead the unit for the next 20 years. In 1866 it received uniforms and was the best dressed unit in the colony, often being the ceremonial guard for important arrivals. The unit reached its peak in the late 1860s when it was raised from 30 to 60 men but by the 1870s was back down to 30 men. Unfortunately, by the late 1870s most of the men were too old to continue and it was disbanded in 1882 with a strength of only 9 men. It is important to note that Captain Fawcett had funded the unit throughout the 2 decades.



Theodore Fawcett (1/10/61-30/11/82)

Served as CO of the unit from founding in 1861 to disbandment in 1882. He had previous service as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 6th Dragoon Guards. He was MLC for Murray and Williams from 1886-1889.

Captain Fawcett, CO of the Pinjarra Mounted Infantry


John G Murray (6/10/68-30/11/82)

2nd Lieutenants

Thomas W Oakley (6/10/68-30/11/82)

Francis De Lisle (26/3/70-19/7/70)

Served as A.D.C. to the governor during this time. Transferred to the Perth Artillery which he served with until at least 1878 with the rank of Lieutenant.

Pinjarra Mounted Infantry enlisted uniform
Pinjarra Mounted Infantry enlisted uniform