Wellington Mounted Infantry

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Wellington 1877-1882

This unit was raised in Bunbury on the 25th June 1877 as the Wellington Mounted Infantry under the command of Captain Rose. It was named after the district surrounding Bunbury at the time. It was modelled very similarly to the Pinjarra Mounted Infantry. The unit’s peak was in 1878 with around 65 troopers. After command passed to Captain Lovegrove in 1880, the numbers began decline, at first slowly but by 1881 significantly. It was disbanded on the 30th November 1882 along with the Pinjarra Mounted Infantry when very few men showed up for parade.


Captain Thomas H Lovegrove (25/6/77-30/11/82)

Served as a Lieutenant from 1877-1880 then served as a Captain from 1880-1882. Later served in the Bunbury Infantry from 1892-1895 with the rank of Captain.

Captain Robert H Rose (25/6/77-20/4/80)

Lieutenant M.W. Clifton (7/8/78-30/11/82)

Served in the ranks of the unit from 1877-1878, rising to the rank of Sergeant. Served as a 2nd Lieutenant from 1878-1880 then served as Lieutenant from 1880-1882. Later served from 1900-1902 in the Bunbury Infantry’s Mounted Section as a Lieutenant.