Diamond Jubilee 1897

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Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Contingent

35 of the 36 men sent as part of the contingent.
35 of the 36 men sent as part of the contingent.

In 1897 as part of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee celebration for 50 years on the throne, the WADF sent a small force to London to take part in the celebrations and to represent the colony. It was the first deployment of any Western Australian military force. The force consisted of 3 Officers and 33 enlisted. With 23 coming from 6 different infantry units and 11 coming from 2 different artillery units as well as 2 from headquarters. During the deployment one soldier, Private Sneller died in an accident making him the first death on deployment from Western Australia (Check the honour roll if you would like to know more). The Contingent left in May 1897 and returned in August 1897.

The following is a list of all 36 men who deployed:


Cpt Strickland (CO) (Perth Infantry)

Cpt Hobbs (2IC) (Perth Artillery)

Cpt Campbell (Adjutant) (Headquarters)

Sgt Maj Cook (Coy Sgt Maj) (Headquarters)

Sgt Maj Sparks (Senior NCO of Artillery) (Perth Artillery)

Sgt O’Dea (Senior NCO of Infantry) (Perth Infantry)

Perth Infantry (7):

Sgt Weaver

Cpl White

Pte Tillotson

Pte Greig

Pte Parker

Pte Buckingham

Pte Syers

Fremantle Infantry (4)

Sgt Fromersdorf

Cpl Burns

Pte Cooper

Pte Sweeney

Geraldton Infantry (4)

Lcpl Scott

Pte Moore

Pte Ferguson

Pte Sneller

Bunbury Infantry (4)

Cpl Kean

Pte Oldham

Pte Arnot

Pte Harrington

York Infantry (1)

Pte Christie

Guildford Infantry (1)

Pte Wilson

Perth Artillery (5)

Sgt Walsh

Bdr Edwards

Bdr Knight

Bdr Deblin

Gnr Ellis

Fremantle Artillery (4)

Sgt Maj Cook

Bdr Killeen

Gnr Froud

Gnr Barw