York Infantry Volunteers

York 1878-1901

Lieutenant Thorne in 1895
Lieutenant Thorne in 1895

This unit was first raised on the 8th November 1878 under the command of Captain Hope as the York Rifle Volunteers. Throughout the next 8 years the unit was only just surviving as there were many controversies about the government not paying the agreed land grant and the population loss in York. As such it was disbanded in 1886. From 1879-1886 the CO of the unit had been Captain Hardman.

A new unit was raised in York on the 10th October 1893 known as the York Infantry Volunteers under the command of Captain Hare. The unit soon got a drill hall and in 1894 the strength of the unit was at:

1 Captain (Hare)

1 Lieutenant (Thorne)

1 2nd Lieutenant (Monger)

99 Enlisted

From 1894-1902 the York infantry took part in all of the Flemming Cup competitions except for 1902. It won the cup in 1897 with the best shots being Colour Sgt Stewart and Pte Walker. It came 2nd in 1900, It came 3rd in 1898 and 1899 showing that the unit was very good at shooting. In 1897 the strength of the unit was at:

1 Lieutenant (Monger)

2 2nd Lieutenants (Davidson & Duncan)

68 Enlisted

In 1897 one member of the York Infantry, Private Christie deployed to London as part of the Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

In 1899 in a move unusual for a WADF unit pre 20th century, the York Infantry Volunteers was renamed to the York Infantryand the next year renamed as the D Company, 3rd Battalion, Infantry Brigade. The unit survived until 1902 when it was disbanded during the transformation to federal control.


Captain James W. Hope (8th November 1878 – 14th August 1879)

Captain Richard Hardman (14th August 1879 – 27th January 1886)

Disbandment period (1886-1893)

Captain Frederick A. Hare (23rd November 1893 – 26th February 1897)

Lieutenant Alexander J. Monger (26th February 1897 – 22nd August 1899)

Unknown (1899-1903)



James W. Hope (8/11/78-14/8/79)

Later served in the Medical Staff as a Surgeon Major from 1884-1886.

Richard Hardman (8/11/78-27/1/86)

Served as a Lieutenant from 1878-1883 and then as a Captain from 1883-1886.

Frederick A. Hare (23/11/93-26/2/97)



Charles Edwards (12/6/83-20/9/86)

Alexander J. Monger (23/11/93-22/8/99)

Served in the ranks of the unit for an unknown amount of time. Served as 2nd Lieutenant from 1893 to 1895. Served as a Lieutenant from 1895 to 1899.

Thomas H. Thorne (23/11/93-14/12/95)

Served as 2nd Lieutenant from 1893 to 1895. Served as a Lieutenant in 1895. Later served in the Fremantle Infantry until 1898.

2nd Lieutenants

John Davidson (24/3/97-12/12/98)

Somerville B Davies (24/4/96-2/11/96)

Later served in the Medical Staff as a Captain from 1900-1903.

Samuel V Duncan (14/12/95-5/4/98)

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