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Sussex Volunteer Rifle Corps

In 1861 there was an attempt to raise an infantry unit in Busselton. It was accepted and existed for 2 years until it was forcibly disbanded due to lack of communication.

Swan Volunteer Rifle Corps

In 1861 there was an attempt to raise an infantry unit in Guildford. It was accepted and existed for 1 and half years until it was disbanded due to lack of interest by the men.

York Volunteers

In 1861 there was an attempt to raise an infantry unit in York. It was accepted and existed for half a year before it was disbanded due to no rifles being available and the unit disintegrated due to lack of encouragement.

Toodyay Mounted Volunteer Corps

Attempted to be created in October 1861 due to the general popularity of the brand new volunteer movement. It was only mentioned twice and was never formed, most likely due to lack of interest.

Wellington Volunteers

This was attempted to be an infantry unit from Bunbury in 1861. It was only mentioned once and was never formed.

Fremantle Mounted Artillery

The first ever attempt in Western Australia to create and Artillery unit in 1870. Although the subject was brought up to His Excellency the Governor it was never raised.

Newcastle Mounted Troop

Was attempted in 1872 to be in Toodyay but failed to be created.

York Volunteer Corps

In 1874 there was a second attempt to raise an Infantry Company in York. Over 60 men petitioned for its creation, however the cost was deemed to great and the plans were abandoned.

York Volunteer Corps

A third attempt for a York Infantry Company was made in 1876 with 55 men petitioning for its creation. The colonial secretary office did not respond to the unit properly and again the idea was abandoned due to lack of funds or training despite another proposal being sent in 1877.

Gin Gin Rifles

This unit was to be 30 strong and a vassal of the Guildford Rifles, however this proposal was refused by the Governor and Colonel Angelo in 1878 who felt it would drain the available equipment.

Northam Volunteer Corps

In 1878 20 men of the town of Northam petitioned for the creation of this unit and began training. Colonel Angelo accepted the proposal and the unit began training but was never mentioned again for unknown reasons.

Mines Volunteer Corps

There was an attempt in 1881 to create an infantry unit in Northampton however it failed as it received no reply.

Bunbury Volunteer Corps

In 1883 the commanding officer of the former Wellington Mounted Infantry, Captain Lovegrove petitioned to raise an infantry unit in Bunbury. After consideration it was rejected due to lack of available funds and equipment.

Carnarvon Volunteers

In 1885 a former soldier of the Geraldton Rifles, Charles Crowther tried to raise a force of 20 men for Carnarvon’s protection. It was rejected by the commandant due to not needing a unit so far north.

Raison’s Volunteers

In 1885 at the height of the Russian Scare a man named C. Raison tried to raise an irregular force of mounted infantry. The commandant supported this however as the scare died down the executive council rejected it.

Bunbury Volunteer Corps

Another attempt to raise an infantry unit in Bunbury was made in 1885 with a petition of nearly 50 men. The commandant supported the idea but was forced to decline due to insufficient funds and equipment.

Greenough Volunteers

This was an attempt in 1885 to make a mounted infantry unit in Greenough however it was rejected due to a  law the WADF was not allowed to accept any more volunteers.

Roebourne and Cossack Volunteer Corps

In 1887 nearly 60 men of these two towns tried to form this unit but for whatever reason it did not succeed.

Southern Cross Engineer Volunteer Corps

In 1892 and interesting idea was proposed to create an engineer unit for the WADF in the mining town of Southern Cross. However due to only obsolete rifles and lack of funds the idea was rejected.

Coolgardie Cyclist Corps

In 1896 there was another unique and interesting idea to create a Cycle Infantry unit in Coolgardie. The government agreed to pay for uniforms, weapons among other things and 30 men had enrolled. It was never raised however as that was the last mention of the unit.

Geraldton Artillery

In 1896, 25 men enrolled and apparently 2 cannons were being sent for this unit.  However it was never raised.

Kalgoorlie Volunteer Corps

This was proposed in 1897 but failed due to Kalgoorlie’s everchanging population and parliament failed to give proper finance.

Coolgardie Infantry Volunteers

Proposed in 1897 but did not succeed.

Northam Infantry Volunteers

In 1898 over 200 men in the town petitioned for this creation and although the government granted this wish they would never get an infantry unit and would have to wait another 2 years for any unit to be raised at all.

Perth Mounted Rifles

In 1899 there was an attempt to re-raise the former Perth Mounted Rifles with nearly 30 men signing on the roll. Most men of this to be unit decided instead to join the Western Australian Mounted Infantry in South Africa.

Perth Rifle Battalion

A brief proposal in 1900 that lead to nothing.

Naval Brigade

An attempt to create a Western Australian Navy. The unit was enthusiastic but failed to be formed.

Irish Volunteer Corps

In 1900 there was the only attempt to make a unit based on ethnic lines. However it was consumed with Irish politics and it was never formed.

Highland Volunteer Corps

In 1901 it was proposed to create a highland unit. This worked but only once Western Australia federated and as such it was never part of the WADF and was only raised in 1903.