2nd Western Australian Mounted Infantry

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The 2nd WAMI was raised in late December 1899 and trained throughout the rest of the month and January and February 1900. It was structured similarly to the 1st WAMI but with 1 less troop and not as many members were professional soldiers. The total size was 10 Officers and 93 Enlisted. It was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Pilkington.

Warrant Officers

The unit departed Fremantle on the 3rd February 1900 on the Surrey and arrived in South Africa in 24th February 1900. Their first action was on the 3rd May 1900 at Brandfort. After this they were attached with the 1st WAMI until after the Battle of Diamond Hill in June. Between June and July they began conducting operations around Pretoria such as at Silverton and Pienaar’s Point. From August to October they took part in operations around eastern Transvaal in the battles of Kroomdraai, Pan, Belfast & Machadodorp suffering 5 wounded.

On the 7th November 1900 the troops headed home aboard the Wooloomooloo, this being said some members of the contingent remained and took part in the battle of Klipplaat where all were either wounded or captured by overwhelming Boer forces. It had served 8 Months and 2 Weeks in South Africa.

The 2nd WAMI is the only contingent to have suffered no deaths. It suffered 16 Non-fatal Casualties. Members of the unit were awarded 1 Companion of the Order Of the Bath, 2 Distinguished Service Orders and 4 Mentioned In Despatches.

1. Brandfort 3/5/00

2. Vet River 4/5/00

3. Vaal River 29/5/00

4. Johannesburg 30/5/00

5. Pretoria 5/6/00

6. Silverton 8/6/00

7. Diamond Hill 12/6/00

8. Pieenar’s Point 16/7/00

9. Kroomdraai 2/8/00

10. Belfast 27/8/00

11. Machadodorp 14/10/00