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The idea for a West Australian Nursing Contingent for South Africa was first raised in January 1900 when a nurses fund was created. At 8PM on the 9th January 1900 a meeting was held at the Mayor’s parlour for the enlistment of Nurses in which 17 applied. By the 11th January over 255 Pounds ($37,500 in today’s money) had been raised for the fund. By the 15th January it was at 324 Pounds ($47,500). By the 19th January it was at 334 Pounds ($49,000). On the 24th January a concert was held at the Fremantle Town Hall to raise funds for the nurses. By the 30th January it was at 424 Pounds ($62,000).

The Nurses departed Albany on the steamer Salamis on the 21st March 1900 and came home some time between January and April 1901.

Women of the Nurses Contingent
Women of the Nurses Contingent

Sister Nicolay (Chief Nurse)

Nurse Tchan (33) (3 year’s experience with Dr. Haynes at a private hospital)

Nurse Plover (33) (Medical certificate from Brisbane) (Private Nurse)

Nurse Armstrong (Medical certificate from New South Wales) (Private Nurse)

Nurse Brooks (Medical Certificate from Sydney Hospital) (Private Hospital)

Nurse Rogers (37) (Medical Certificate from Western Infirmary, Glasgow) (Perth Public Hospital)

Nurse Simmons (Medical Certificate from Fremantle General Hospital) (Private Hospital)

Nurse Spiers (Medical Certificate from Sydney Hospital) (Depot)

Nurse Milne (28) (Medical Certificate from Adelaide Children’s Hospital) (Perth Public Hospital)

Nurse Bole (26) (3 Year Medical Certificate at Perth Public Hospital) (Perth Public Hospital)

Nurse Naylor (?)